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Adrien Fauve is Assistant Professor of Politics and International Relations at Paris-Sud University.

Previously, he was a post-doctoral fellow at CNRS (2016-2017) and within Bruno Latour’s FORCCAST project on active learning (2013-2016). For seven years, he has coordinated the Central Asia seminar series at CERI-Sciences Po with Karlygash Abiyeva, Olga Spaiser, Bayram Balci and Olivier Ferrando (2010-2017). He visited several universities, notably College of Europe (Belgium), Babes-Bolyai (Romania) and Tartu (Estonia). His research focuses on political sociology and international relations, with fieldworks in Central Asia. Recent publications include articles in the Nationalities Papers, CentralAsian Survey and Revue d’Etudes Comparatives Est-Ouest.

affiliation and current position

PARIS-SUD UNIVERSITY, Jean Monnet Faculty, Associate Professor.


Political sociology, Nationalism, Authoritarianism, International relations, Regional integration, Public diplomacy

works/publications on Central Asia

FAUVE, Adrien, “Global Astana: Nation-Branding as a Legitimation Tool for Authoritarian Regimes”,
Central Asian Survey, n°1, vol.34, 2015, pp.110-125.

FAUVE, Adrien, “A Tale of Two Statues in Astana: the Fuzzy Process of Nationalistic City Making”,
Nationalities Papers, n°3, vol.43, 2015, pp.383-398.

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