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Bruno De Cordier is a professor at the Department of Conflict and Development Studies under the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences of Ghent University. He is the EISCAS focal point at this institution. Before being at the DCDS-Ghent University, he was working for the international humanitarian aid sector, mostly for specialized bodies of the UN, and partly in different countries of the former USSR. He wrote his Ph.D. thesis on Islamic charities. Bruno De Cordier’s thematic interests related to the Caspian-Central Asian space include social history, identity and social mobility, the social impact of globalization, the aid economy, and the social role and position of Islam, Christianity and of religious actors in general. He lived in Central Asia for several years. He also runs a course on humanitarian studies and –policy, in which  the history as well, different aspects,  realities and trends of humanitarian aid are examined. Geographically, this line of his work focuses on humanitarian crisis areas in Africa, the Arab sphere, in migration crisis-affected parts of Mediterranean Europe, and in Donbass.

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