The Central Asian Studies European Network (CASEN)

CAS scholars are fragmented globally and within the EU as well. Scholars and teachers are mostly left to their own devices and expertise in order to build out curricula and train the next generation of students. There exist some associations that try to group CAS scholars, but at the moment few platforms are really active, and none are targeted at CAS educators or students (only to researchers). Communication between CAS scholars/teachers takes place through informal personal contacts. In order to change this, our project platform wants to offer something new to CAS scholars, without duplicating what already exists.

CASEN aims to

  • Allow all interested people to subscribe and set up a public profile free of charge
  • Allow communication/sharing of information about CAS events according to professional interest / discipline only (using a filter system, which members can set up themselves)
  • Integrate existing digital profiles of each member by allowing them to enter hyperlinks to their website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Academia, ResearchGate, blogs, University page, etc.
  • Provide each member with access to a catalogue of professionals if they need to find project partners, expertise, do an interview, send out a survey, etc.
  • Offer existing CA-related associations access to communicate with members in order to offer scholarships and language courses, launch research projects, invite scholars, open calls for papers for journals or conferences, etc.

For the moment CASEN is still under construction. More information will be provided when the network will be available.  

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