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Below you can find a series of supporting online video-recorded lectures presenting handbook topics in an accessible way for learners and teachers. These can serve as e-learning materials for the handbook.

Below you will find a series of expert lectures on…

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A user-guide on how to implement innovative teaching techniques and assessment methods in Central Asian Studies, which were tailor-made for teachers planning to use the handbook and other didactic materials.

For students and other end-users there will be specific guidelines and…

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Another goal of EISCAS is to make recommendations for institutions that teach CAS to improve existing CAS curricula in higher education by altering or complementing course offers and making the content more relevant to the contemporary labor market.

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The EISCAS project has tracked the trajectories of previous generations of CAS alumni in Europe and compared their experiences with the contemporary labor market in order to make some sound recommendations to future generations of CAS students (and their teachers).

The aims are…

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The EISCAS Project stimulates networking, the exchange of expertise and best practices among partners and with third parties in CAS. And there is no better way of integrating our efforts at strengthening CAS in Europe than linking up with WIKISTAN.

EISCAS will organize two intensive study programs (2019 & 2020) in Poznan, Poland, directed at students from European consortium members. Each Master Class encompasses a 10-day, specialized program aimed at improving the academic and professional skills of MA and PhD CAS-related students from partners - during the ISPs students…

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EISCAS focuses to improve the teaching skills of CAS educators – during training events and workshops, educators from partners will be trained by education experts in innovative didactic techniques. During the dissemination phase, these educators will pass on these skills to other teachers of CAS from partner institutions and beyond the…

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The EISCAS project organizes two main international events for scholars of CAS to meet and discuss the evolution and future of CAS in an interdisciplinary setting. Scholars and experts are invited to present papers, in various disciplines. There will be various roundtables to share and discuss the insights from the CAS scholarly community on a various…

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