EISCAS short staff training in Prague – November 2018

From 22 to 24 November 2018, all involved experts in the consortium travelled to Prague for the project’s kick-off meeting and a three-day staff training where 17 Central Asian specialists from all partners met with didactic experts to analyze which teaching techniques are being used in CAS education and how the EISCAS handbook and didactic materials can fill a niche if they are appropriately designed to be learner-based didactic tools, paying special attention to the needs of students and their teachers.

The event was hosted by Charles University in Prague (CUNI) and was the first stepping stone for the 7 EISCAS work teams to initiate their work on achieving its various intellectual outputs: the handbook, online lectures, CASEN network, curriculum recommendations, teaching guidelines and career advice for CAS alumni.

After a friendly welcome word by Dr. Jiří Vykoukal, the Director of The Institute of International Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences at CUNI, the short staff training hosted the following lectures & workshops, beside a number of organizational and editorial meetings:

“Designing and using texts for effective learning in humanities” lecture & workshop by educational expert: Paul van den Broek (ULeiden)

“How to make the most of your CAS lecture?” – lecture & workshop by didactic expert: Krzysztof Wawrzyniak (AMU)

“Engaging with Central Asia? From doing to learning”. Workshop on classroom dynamics with didactic expert: Justyna Hadaś (AMU)

“Learning outcomes in CAS practice”. Didactic Team Workshop presented by Justyna Hadaś (AMU)

Number of events realized

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