Ten keys to better understand Central Asia – Seminar

(postponed to 2021 due to Covid-19 – exact date will be announced later)

This seminar on teaching CAS will be hosted by IFEAC in Bishkek. The program will be made available at a later time. This event is funded by the European Union Erasmus+ program, through the EISCAS project.

This seminar is a new attempt to reconsider Central Asian didactic history 30 years after the end of the USSR. The forthcoming seminar will be an interdisciplinary Seminar to discuss the methodological and didactic approaches of various fields in the study of Central Asia. The seminar will be a great opportunity to promote the EISCAS and project the forthcoming handbook devoted to the study of Central Asia among the Central Asian community of historians, teachers, journalists, policy-makers, NGOs activists in Kyrgyzstan and the other countries of the region.

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