1. Coming to the city…

1.1. Railing

For those for who it is obviously too far to cycle or walk, we encourage people to come by train wherever and wherever possible. Ghent can be reached by train form (via) Brussels, London, Paris and Lille (for those coming from France), Liège-Guillemins and Köln (for those coming from Germany), and Rotterdam and Antwerp (for those coming from the Netherlands).

Get off at Gent Sint-Pieters station (http://www.belgianrail.be/en/stations-and-train/search-a-station/11/gent-sint-pieters.aspx ), info also available in Dutch, French and German), from where it is easy to take either a tram or a taxi (±8-10€) or the 2.3 kilometers/±30’ walk to the venue.

Click here for a map of the tram connections.

1.2. Flying

Ghent has no airport. The nearest international airports are Brussels and Charleroi (the latter is officially called Brussels South-Charleroi Airport).

From both airports, you can travel to Ghent by train, which takes about an hour or so. Click on the airport to get instructions:

1.3. Busing…

Ghent is called at from various cities in the neighboring countries and wider Europe by different long-distance coach companies (Flixbus, Eurolines, … ) who usually stop at/depart from near Gent-Dampoort railway station.

No matter what transport option you take, keep in mind, when making your arrangements, that transport delays and traffic jams are part of Belgian normality!

2. Getting Around in the city

Gent is an agreeable city for the bipedal among us, but public transport is also reliable and well connected.

Click here for a map of the tram connections and for a city map with the essential sights.

Or visit the public transport website to find more detailed information about city busses and trams.

3. To the venue…

See here:  https://monasterium.be/en/p/location (info also available in Dutch and French).

Location of the Venue

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