The conference itself will take place from Wednesday morning 22 September 2021 until Friday evening 24 September 2021.

Conference Application Time Table

• 23-07-2020 – Call for applications opened (now closed)
• 20-10-2020 – Deadline for submitting applications (updated)
• 15-11-2020 – Information about selection (updated)

• 10-05-2021 – Deadline for confirming your attendance (we will contact you)
• 10-08-2021 – Draft conference program made available
• 10-09-2021 – Final conference program made available

22-24 September 2021 : Conference

Note on the change of date and postponing the conference

Dear conference participants,

At this point, we believe, this news will not evoke strong feelings of surprise, when we now declare that Covid-19 has sadly affected our conference plans.

We have decided to change the conference date to 22-24 September (Wednesday to Friday).

We regret this turn of events, but are hopeful that by that date vaccines will shield the vulnerable among us, medical care will no longer be overwhelmed, understaffed or underequipped, and that travel restrictions will be less cumbersome; or even in a more optimistic scenario, that Covid-19 is no longer a risk.

In any case, the current (and planned) restrictions up to March in Belgium will not allow us to hold the conference (despite our planned safety measures), and since we stubbornly refuse to go online, postponing the whole event by six months is the only viable option.

We sincerely hope these new dates – carefully chosen to balance work and holidays, the start of the school year, and the opening of the Academic year (in most countries) – are suitable for almost all participants.

All accepted conference abstracts will be automatically transferred. There will be no need to confirm them once more. (We also hope that a six month delay will not affect the relevance of the papers.)

Please “save the date” and we will get back to you in the new year with a request to confirm your attendance.

For those who requested letters of acceptance, these will be sent out with the new dates.

We wish all of you delightful holidays despite any lockdowns and better tidings for 2021.

On behalf of the EISCAS team, 23-12-2020.

the conference organizers:

Bruno De Cordier (UGent)

Jeroen Van den Bosch (AMU)

Nune Srapyan (AMU)

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