This CAS teacher workshop will be hosted by the University of Paris-Saclay in Paris in 2021. This event is funded by the European Union Erasmus+ program, through the EISCAS project. (The date will be made available at the later time)

The program and registration form will be made available here at a later time

This workshop is open to teachers and curriculum designers (from the EU and beyond) engaged in Central Asian Studies (CAS) and related Area Studies. EISCAS will provide trainers and didactic experts to run various workshops on how to improve existing CAS course offers, complement them by using e-learning materials, as well as introduce a range of tested teaching techniques to improve classroom dynamics and enhance deep and strategic learning among students.

There will be no registration fee for participants. The conference will be open to teachers and department heads interested in expanding or improving their institution’s offer regarding Central Asia Studies. Advance online registration is required.  

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