European Handbook of Central Asian Studies: History, Politics and Societies, ibidem Verlag, Hanover, forthcoming 2021.

The editorial team consist of three involved scholars. They were responsible for crafting the vision behind the handbook and bringing this group of European Central Asian experts together. 

The editorial team are:

  • Bruno De Cordier (University of Gent) – Senior content editor (History-Society)
  • Adrien Fauve (University of Paris-Sud) – Content editor (Politics-Society)
  • Jeroen Van den Bosch (Adam Mickiewicz University) – Content editor (History-Politics) – Developmental editor

Review policy: Standard academic review policies apply. Each handbook chapter was reviewed by at least two editors. And before publication, the handbook will be reviewed by about 20 external world-class specialists, which will serve as anonymous reviewers to the involved authors.  

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