The EISCAS project organizes two main international events for scholars of CAS to meet and discuss the evolution and future of CAS in an interdisciplinary setting. Scholars and experts are invited to present papers, in various disciplines. There will be various roundtables to share and discuss the insights from the CAS scholarly community on a various range of topics. During these events the EISCAS project will present its project outcomes such as the handbook, other materials, recommendations for curriculum design as well as guidelines for teachers of CAS. Please check out the following upcoming events:

  • Seminar on teaching CAS in Bishkek – Spring 2020
  • “EURASIAN INSIGHTS: Social and political aspects, dynamics and perspectives of the Central Asian region, and (possible) impacts for the EU” – International conference in Ghent – March 2021

EISCAS has the following milestones to be reached by the end of the project:

  • Ca. 80 other EU higher education institutions with CAS programs will get Open Access to the project’s intellectual outputs
  • Ca. 1200 students who study CAS and related fields at non-partner universities will use the project’s comprehensive teaching materials: handbook and recorded lectures
  • Ca. 800 CAS educators/researchers & curriculum designers and other stakeholders specializing in CA issues will get the benefits of the project’s digital platform and 400 will join the “Central Asian Studies European Network (CASEN)” to exchange information, knowledge and increase their networks. (5000 hits expected at the platform.)
  • Ca. 150 professionals wanting to increase their careers in jobs related to cooperation with CA countries will get Open Access to the project materials.
  • Ca. 80 stakeholders: policy-makers, research institutions, international organizations, NGOs, business centers, newsrooms, media, etc. employing experts, professionals and practitioners in the fields connected with CA-EU cooperation, will benefit from direct dissemination activities.

Number of events realized

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