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Nune Srapyan graduated from Yerevan State Linguistic University after V. Bryusov/ Armenia/, the faculty of Russian language and literature and Foreign languages/ English/, awarded Bachelor’s degree in 2008. She studied Linguistics, Comparative typology at the same University, obtaining Master’s degree in 2010.
Worked at Yerevan Northern University as an International projects coordinator/ 2011-2015/, and during that period participated in different trainings, conferences, staff exchange programs at more than 10 European Universities.
Took part in different international projects, doing research at PhD level at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan within Erasmus-Mundus/ 2015-2017/, Young scientists’ program of Polish Government /2017-2018/, Thesaurus Ponolnia program of International Cultural Center in Krakow/.
Currently she is a 1-year PhD student at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Faculty of Polish and Classical Philology. The topic of research is “Old Armenian prints preserved at the libraries on the former territory of the Polish Commonwealth”.

affiliation and current position

Mobility Manager at the Transatlantic Mobility Office, AMU.


Internationalization of Universities, Comparison of Armenian and European Educational models, Liberal Education, Armenian old prints.

works/publications on Central Asia

1. Nune Srapyan, “Higher Educational Programs of the European Union as a Platform of Dialogue between Caucasus and the West (Armenia’s example), published in a book “World in a Dialogue: Intercultural Problems in the Religious, Economic, Communication and Educational Context, Poznan, 2016.

2.  „Armenia as the first country adopting Christianity” in the book  “Christian Roots of European Civilization”, UAM, WPiKF, Poznan, 2018.

3. Nune Srapyan, “Armenia as a Mediator between East and West (EU): Politics, Education, Culture, In Collection of Conference materials, UAM, WPiKF, Poznan, 2019.

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