For the moment these didactic materials are still under construction. We will upload preliminary versions and reports when the project’s research has reached a later stage. We foresee to create documents/reports related to the following topics:

  • For CAS students – guide for self-study
  • For CAS students – recommendations with career advice
  • For CAS teachers – a guide to use the upcoming handbook for teaching
  • For CAS teachers – an overview of innovative teaching techniques that can be applied for teaching CAS
  • For institutions – recommendations on how to create and improve CAS curricula.

Help us map the field!

Below you will find a survey especially designed for experts in this field. This survey is aimed at Central Asia Specialists, both senior and junior.

The aim of the survey is to map professional trajectories of CAS experts/scholars/teachers in order to map the global field. These insights will be used to formulate recommendations on curricula.

All project results will be freely available by the end of the project on our website (

Link to the survey

We greatly appreciate your feedback and support.

We did our best to keep the survey short, and we thank you in advance for your time in providing detailed answers.

PLEASE SHARE this survey with other specialists of Central Asia Studies you are in contact with.

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