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Since 2005 I have been doing consultancy work for various organizations from US, UK, Netherlands, and Germany for such organisations as IDEA, Freedom House, among others. The themes of consulting work and research included human rights, gender, religion (Islam), epidemic and human rights, minorities, conflicts, radicalization, human trafficking, border regimes, infrastructure in shrinking mining cities, social inclusion, migration and social economies, LGBT rights, regionally covering post-Soviet countries. The research results have been published as a book (Routledge 2016), peer reviewed journal articles in such journals as Nationalities Papers, Inner Asia, Central Asian Affairs, Central Asian Survey, Asian Ethnicity among others. I have contributed to blogs and given expert interviews on conflict in Ukraine, Islam in Russia, Women and Islam.

affiliation and current position

Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology and Ludwig Maximillian University in Germany.


Gender, Islam, migration, human trafficking, informal economy, human rights, state building, conflicts.

works/publications on Central Asia

Book- 2016, ‘Migration and Identity: Uzbek Experience’, London: Routledge.

Journal article: 2013, Post-Soviet Uncertainties: Micro-orders of Central Asian migrants in Russia, Inner Asia, 15 (2013): 273–92.

Book Chapter: 2018, Gender and change in post-Soviet Central Asia: women as change agents in Muslim societies, Women of Asia: Globalization, Development, and Gender Equity. Edited by Mehrangiz Najafizadeh and Linda L. Lindsey. New York: Routledge. Chapter 32.

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