CAS scholars are fragmented globally and within the EU as well. Scholars and teachers are mostly left to their own devices and expertise in order to build out curricula and train the next generation of students.

Therefore, the EISCAS Project stimulates networking, the exchange of expertise and best practices among partners and with third parties in CAS. And there is no better way of integrating our efforts at strengthening CAS in Europe than linking up with WIKISTAN.

Wikistan is a global collaborative, multidisciplinary community of research, expertise and communication on Central Eurasia. Led by a consortium of academia, it aims at offering an up-to-date, dynamic and interactive panorama of human, social, economic and political science research on the region.

Membership is free.

By joining this organic research community you can:

  •  profile yourself within the field of study (the community profiles are very detailed)
  •  integrate your existing digital profiles
  •  choose your profile’s exposure (public, only visible for other members, anonymous)
  •  locate and connect with other scholars
  •  find collaborators for research with complementing or corresponding expertise
  •  check for open calls, project openings, grant proposals and job offerings in Central Eurasian Research
  •  browse the overview of the online and offline ecosystem of Central Eurasian Research
  •  find book reviews on the latest works on Central Eurasia from various disciplines
  •  get priority on subscribing to EISCAS activities

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